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Monday, August 8, 2011

Gettin back into the swing of things......

So now that things have died down and we are settling into our new groove, I am finally able to start my own crafting again. Birthdays, holidays and anniversaries coming up. Plus another nephew! Gryphon Is expected in November! Lots of pattern searching and sketching out ideas for his baby book. Sock Summit '11 was AWESOME! Took a color work class and LOVED it and the teacher! Bought one of her books and a couple pairs of circs. Now to find a good old fashioned Norwegian fair aisle pattern......

We have decided that we will be moving back to my home town, Tucson, in November. We are not happy here in Oregon and are ready to go home and start over again. I am still in search for a personal artist. Haven't found anyone that quite meets my qualifications :/ Hoping to get that idea started after we get settled as well.

And now for the reason I am here.....The CRAFTS!!!!! Haven't been doing too much lately. Tonight I am hoping to find the energy to work on Birthday Cards and maybe some Christmas/Yule gifts. I would really like to get past the toe of Galadriel but we will see! Speaking of! For all you sock knitters out there I HIGHLY recommend Janel Laidman's books "The Enchanted Soul" and "The Eclectic Soul". They are well written, clear and simple instructions and great charts! Plus the patterns are EPIC! Right now I am working on Galadriel. Its stockinette stitch to just past the heel. The pattern starts there knit in the round and then splits up the leg with knit-in eyelettes to be laced up the back! Sexy? YES! I might just start wearing skirts JUST to show these off! lol ok back to the seriousness......

This is Galadriel. Aren't the gorgeous???

Once I figure out how to add a photo gallery I will.

Happy Crafting!