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Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm back and ready for action!

Hello everyone! Yes, I am still alive! So much has gone on in the last few months that even FB has become a foreign land to me. We made it back to Tucson safely, thank goodness. A few bumps in the road but we are all here. We were fortunate enough to get jobs right away and move into our own place. A huge Thank You to Mom for letting us stay with you! I know I must not have been easy for you but we are still very appreciative. And to Mikki for helping with those bumps, and my dad for dealing with our boxes :) You all rock! Kids are doing great, J starts school in August! My in-laws are coming to visit in October. Lots of crafting to do between now and then. K has hit the 2s stage of his life. We are working on communication and talking with him. N and I are as wonderful as ever. We are really happy to be back in Tucson. I do miss Portland and cant wait to visit tho. Maybe in 2013 for Sock Summit! In a nut shell: Things have settled down and I am ready to pop back up on the grid. So jump on the wagon cause here we gooooooo!

Now down to Business! I HAVE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL! Check it out. I am uploading my first mini album video as I type. It takes forever but will be very worth it. I will upload it here as well for you all to see. I am ready to take Lilly Pad Crafts and fly with it. Mini albums and mini kits will be the first on the market, as well as classes for my local crafters! I am hoping to get into the Winter 4th Ave Street Fair this year with a booth, and will be getting a little more savvy on this blog thing (maybe a "Blogs For Dummies" book is in order!) Also, I will be adding a Facebook Like page for Lilly Pad Crafts with updates on videos, blog entries, etc....so once that is up I will post a link :)

I hope everyone has a fun and safe St. Patty's day!

Happy Crafting!

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