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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Recycle Reduce Reuse!

So as some of you know I LOVE MINI ALBUMS! I love everything about them! The chunkiness. The detail. the interaction....all of it! So, I have  planned out a huge mini album project for gifts this year (family members, don't pay any attention to that!) At the same time I an very big in recycling. I have seen many videos on YouTube about making mini albums with recycled products ranging from toilet paper tubes to making your own paper from plastic grocery bags. So I have decided to combine the two! I saved all the useful packaging from my son's birthday presents, a bunch of soda pop tops,  some TP tubes and what not.  And with the start of this collection I have made a pretty huge pile. I today I decided to sit down and start breaking everything down into use able parts. Here I am, sitting on the living room floor with a pile of boxes on one side of me, a pile of pieces on the other side and The Cooking Network going. And then it hits me (thanks to Hubby). With the way some of the boxes are designed you get an instant mini book binding with a little trimming! So I am in the process of putting together a mini album multi-part tutorial series for my blog and YouTube on how to design a mini album like this. I will luckily have many examples to show because of the list of mini albums I want to make. Lots of trial and error will be happening this week :)

Happy Crafting!

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