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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lattice Tutorial

As promised, the lattice tutorial! Its quick and simple and you can add it anywhere to any project.

Supplies: A piece of cardstock to act as your base. The one used in the tutorial is 4x6 white cardstock. 1/4inx8 1/2in strips of cardstock. I used Kraft. I cut about 20 of them but did not use all of them. Elmer's All Purpose White Glue (or your favorite liquid adhesive)
Self healing mat
Sharp craft knife (I used my rotary blade)
Paper trimmer

Get your supplies ready....Here we go!
Step one- Set up! With repositionable adhesive, stick your base down on the self healing mat. I do this so my base stays still while I am building my lattace.

Step 2- add a dot of glue along each side where each one inch mark is. Then place your strips diagonally accross the base starting in one corner and working to the other.

Step 3- Now you can go the other direction with your strips, spacing them the same way you spaced the first layer.


Step 4- Trim all of your edges with your craft knife and ruler.

Step 5- Finally, add your top and bottom strips to complete the piece. Make sure they are all going the same direction. If you put the top one first, do the bottom next and add the sides last. Trim all edges.


And here is the finnished piece! Now all that is left to do is add the flowers and adhear it to my project. You can do this with any color combination, any flower for any look. And you can make it at any size to fit your project perfectly!

Have a good day everyone!

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