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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March Stamp of the Month Project Tutorial 1

This tutorial has changed so many times as I was writing my outline. We are now doing a full 2 page 12x12 layout! Yeah, this happens to me a lot! But this is going to be fun and I cant wait to see what you all do with the stamp set!

So here we go! The first section is going to be about making your 3D elements (embellishments) for the layout. We will also use some Pearls here and there but the main embellishment will be the flowers.

****Remember Crafters, Clean your stamps after EACH COLOR and place them back on your storage sheet that came with the set :) Clean stamps are happy stamps

Materials I used:
  • Amethyst
  • Gypsy
  • Buttercup
  • Sunkiss Yellow
  • Garden Green
  • New England Ivy
  • Acrylic blocks for stamps
  • March SOTM
  • White cardstock
  • Fine point scissors
  • Foam squares, Tombo tape runner.
  • Stamp scrubber and spray
I set all my supplies up so I don't have to fiddle to find anything while I am working. Lightest color on top, then the darker. Coordinating colors together.

1. Starting with your lightest color, Stamp each of your base images. I start largest to smallest changing colors and stamps as I go.
2. Next, switch to your layering stamps and darker coordinating colors....and stamp!
So pretty!
Just a few roses lol! Extras are always ok :) Don't forget those leaves too!
3. Time to cut 'em all out folks! I usually sit and listen to the tv or a YouTube video while I am doing this. It can take some time, especially if you have a whole 8.5x11 sheet of paper filled. Try to cut as close to the image as possible. My fussy cutting isn't very neat but its ok :)
Now arrange your roses. Use foam squares and flat tape to add dimension and layers.
And there you go! Now we need to make the pattern paper for our layouts. Keep scrolling down to March Stamp of the Month Project Tutorial 2.

March Stamp of the Month Project Tutorial 2

This part of the tutorial will be about the home made pattern paper! This is one of my favorite things to do especially with a stamp set like this. The color combinations are endless!

A quick note: When I make my own pattern paper I typically use Daisy White or Colonial White cardstock as my base; on special occasions I will use Kraft or Tan. I want the true color of the ink to stand out the most and depending on what tones of ink I am using will also depend on the paper. Example, if I am using soft or bright colors (like the purple and yellow roses for the layout) I will use the Daisy White. If I am using warmer, more neutral earthy tones like a Brick Red or Olive I use the Colonial White because the Daisy White can be a little overpowering against those tones.

Here it is! I love the way it came out and I still have a 1x12 in strip of the pattern paper left! The set holds 6 photos and has coordinating lattice panels. A tutorial on the lattice panels will be coming right after this if anyone is interested in making them. I chose 2 layouts from the Reflections Scarpbooking Program book. They are slightly altered to accommodate to only having one sheet of pattern paper.

Lets get started. Here is what I used to complete the layout with the brands if known:
2 12x12 sheets of Daisy White Cardstock-CTMH
1 12x12 sheet of Kraft Cardstock-Recollections
1 12x12 sheet of Light Purple Cardstock-unknown
1 12x12 sheet of Light Yellow cardstock-unknown
Amethyst Exclusive Ink Pad-CTMH
Gypsy Exclusive Ink Pad-CTMH
Sunkiss Yellow Exclusive Ink Pad-CTMH
Buttercup Exclusive Ink Pad-CTMH
Gargden Green Exclusive Ink Pad-CTMH
New Englad Ivy Exclusive Ink Pad-CTMH
Acrylic Blocks-CTMH
Tombo tape runner
Foam Squares-Recollections
Paper trimmer
Detail Scissors
Stamp Scrubber and Spray-CTMH
Reflections Scrapbooking Program Book-CTMH

Here we go. First set your work station up.

1. Starting with your lightes color, stamp your base image. I stamp all of my base images first, then move on to the layering stamp. Clean your stamp after each color and place it back on the storage sheet.

I usually set my first stamp in the top left corner. I don't know why, It just feels comfortable.
Then I move on to place 5 images like a die (offset, uneven die)
Next I add the second (and third) colors.
Now start filling in white spaces with your medium rose base. Stop when you feel there are enough. You can always add more but you cant erase them.
Here is the first round of stamping. I have used all 3 sizes of rose bases. I leave the leaves for last.
Let some of the images overlap a bit. This will give your pattern paper a more natural feel.
2. Now stamp your layer stamp with the darker color. Clean your stamps after each color and place it back on the storage sheet.
This is where I stopped. Stand back from your page every now and then and just look at it. See if a space catches your eye and then ask why. Does it need another rose bud? Or a leaf??? Try to keep in mind though, less is more. You want some of the natural white to show to help the colors pop and stand out.
And your done! You can do this with ANY stamp set! I cant wait to see what you all do with it. Sharing is strongly encouraged!
 Left side close up. Reflections Scrapbooking Program Pg 89 Master Pattern. I followed the pattern exactly.
Right side close up. Reflections Scrapbooking Program Pg 78 Master Pattern. I altered the pattern. Instead of using the pattern paper as my base, I cut the top and bottom strips at 2.5x12in and added 1/2x12in strips of Kraft underneath them.
 Please feel free to leave comments or link your projects! I would love to see what you all do. Always remember to have fun Crafters. Talk to you all soon!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

March Stamp of the Month

I found myself inspired by the March SOTM from Close To My Heart. Growing up, we had 2 huge rose bushes in front of our living room window. The blooms would be as large as my hand at times (I was around 10 or so) and during the Arizona summer the living room would be filled with their sweet scent. I have always loved roses. And I love the idea of being able to give them depth and dimension with this stamp set. The day after my set came, I played and put together a layout and put it into a frame. I love love love the way it turned out!
Here it is! I might sand the frame and do a white washing on it and maybe a crackle finish. We will see.

So. I have already planned the next project with this set and this time I am going to do a 2 part tutorial on this project.
Post dates are:
Wednesday March 20th-How to use the stamp set
                                       Making your own pattern paper and layout

A little bit about the Stamp Of The Month:
Every month CTMH releases a special stamp set just for that month. The set retails for $17.95 or $5 with a purchase of $50 or more. Once the month is over, the set is gone and chances of getting it are slim.
You can order one of your own at www.lilltpadcrafts.ctmh.com
Hurry! March is almost over!